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Numbered page navigation for blogger With 8+ new styles

Guest Post - By 24work

Numbered Page Navigation For Blogger New Script

Today we are going to see how to add a beautifull numbered page navigation hack in blogger. The default navigation links (i.e Older Posts) are not visitor friendly if you are having a large amount of posts and readers.Few bloggers has some problems with previous Page Navigation script. Now here is a completely new and working script for Numbered Page Navigation (i.e. Panigation) for Blogger. The pagination widget for blogger make it simple for your visitor. Its a must have widget for any blogspot blogs.This new script allows you to add numbered page navigation to blogger/ blogspot blog with page numbers starting(1, 2, 3, 4 ….) like those of a book.

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  • Add Numbered Page Navigation Widget With DIfferent Styles For Blogger / Blogspot

    Page navigation widget for blogger is most popular widget, and most bloggers are using this. because these players are only provided in the wordpress blogs hosted or blogs.But now his trick has been made ​​available to bloggers is also here that I am giving this Page Navigation Widget with different styles and options for full customization

    How To Install This Widget On Blogger :-

    Customize the Given Options and Click on Generate button
    Click Add to Blogger button to add this widget on your Blog

    Stylish Numbered Page Navigation Widget with Colored Styles For Blogger

    Numbered Page Navigation Widget is a JavaScript hack for blogger to easily navigate blogger pages. In this post i am giving stylish navigation with different colorful styles.

    An error was found in some blogs and it is also fixed in this widget.
    eg.hiding at top

    How To Install This Widget On Blogger :-

    1. Click the below Button
    2. Customize the Options given in Widget form
    3. Click on "Generate" Button
    4. Finally click On "Add To Blogger" Button

    How to Add Numbered Page Navigation Widget for Blogger / Blogspot

    Page navigation is awesome widget that allows navigation of page number to the visitors. You might have seen numbered page navigation in many WordPress blogs. It is simple JavaScript that allows your older posts, new posts and links to the house numbers. Have you seen older posts, new messages and links at home bored.

    How To Add Numbered Page Navigation Widget to Blogger Blog?

    I am giving best customizing options to this widget

    Note:-Choose colors for your convenience you feel good.

    1.Customize Options in Widget Form
    2.Click on Generate Button
    3.Then finally Click on Add to Blogger Button to add as a Widget

    Many thanks to Harish for making this code , Some Stylings and PageNavi Script by Abu Farhan and I just tested and modified to work on blogger


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